3 Things Your Website Must Have To Win Customers

Joel Woolley

Does your website have all the right things to grow your business? This week I catch up with my friends Michael Philpott and Kaushik Kumar, and we talk about the three things your website needs to win more customers.

Are you looking for ways to improve your website?

Have you been seeing the same results for a while now?

Do you want to see more customers take action?

I know that I was feeling this way too for a while. I have been designing websites for almost ten years, and I wish I had known these tips all those years ago.

But that's the beauty of hindsight. Now that I know these tips, I want to share them so you can reap the benefits.

Watch the video, and I'll talk you through these points:

  • How to build a solid foundation for your marketing
  • How to build a winning brand story using StoryBrand
  • What makes a clear header section on your website
  • How can you call more visitors to action
  • And why it's important to collect email addresses from visitors

If you take the points in this video and start to make changes to your website, you'll begin to see more customers want to do business with you online.

Thanks to Michael and Kaushik for inviting me on Showing Up. If you'd like to watch Showing Up, Michael and Kaushik share episodes weekly on their LinkedIn profiles. I highly recommend it!

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