Michael Philpott

With some knowledge of the StoryBrand framework, Michael came to us wanting to clarify his messages and overhaul his one-page website to better reflect his growing brand. He wanted to know that it would be done the right way, so that’s why he chose to go with a StoryBrand Guide.

StoryBrand Messaging

Brand messaging is all about getting down to the bones of a brand, finding a few gems and sharing them in a way that engages an audience. During our initial meetings, My Brand Story identified three key messages for Michael to use in his marketing.

The first key message was that through Michael’s coaching, public speakers could inspire people to take action. The reality is presenters usually want to get something out of their talk. And this key message is establishing Michael as the coach who can help them.

He’s able to help speakers inspire their audience so that they’ll not only listen, but take action as well. Because let’s face it, what presenter doesn’t want their talk to be memorable and their audience left inspired?

The second key message was what we call a problem piece. We discovered that the main thing Michael’s clients struggle with is preparing for their talks. Most people preparing for a talk usually know what to say in their head, but get stuck getting it out on paper and into a presentation.

Illustrating this key message throughout Michael’s marketing really helps his audience see what it is they need help overcoming. Laying out the problem guides his audience towards the solution, which of course is to enlist the help of an expert (like Michael!) to coach them.


StoryBrand Messaging
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Website Design

Michael came to us really stuck with a one-page Wix website. It helped get him started, but he knew in order to grow his business he needed something more.

My Brand Story created a series of Website Wireframes for each of his key pages. We settled on the layout and the copy, and then fleshed these out into full web page designs.

Part of this process involved Michael sending us his branding, colours, and photography, as well as website designs that inspired him. My Brand Story was one of them, so we were honoured.

We had a couple of different versions. One without the grain in the background. Another with clear, sharp icons. But in the end, the grain added depth to the design and the hand-drawn icons helped bring a personal touch to the site.

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Video Scripts

Michael knew the importance of using video on his website. He knew if he was to make claims about being great in front of any audience, video was the best way to show that.

It’s true. Once you’re in a video call with Michael, you see he’s the real deal.

My Brand Story was given the job of creating a video script for each of his services: 1-on-1 Speaker Coaching, Investment Pitch Coaching, and his new Public Speaking Workshops.

We know the StoryBrand framework flows well together. So we essentially created a mini brand story for each video script. And we think they came out pretty well.

If you’d like a sneak peek, watch Michael’s Investment Pitching video.

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